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Minecraft Hoenn: Part 24/43: Route 121

Part 24/43 of the creation of the Hoenn Region in Minecraft.

Route 121 links Fortree City and Lilycove City via route 120. Route 120 also provides access to Mt.Pyre and the eastern point of route 123. One issue presented here was that route 121 is at a significantly lower altitude than route 120 which it joins at the western end. Essentially some non-original features had to be introduced in the form of modification. It might upset any purists reading but it was the only option I had. Despite this though route 121 turned out a success.

Route 121 is an east-west route linking route 120 to Lilycove city. The Safari Zone is situated in the middle and so is Mt.Pyre pier which leads to Mt Pyre.
(Image sourced from Bulbapedia)

Now as you can see there is a problem. Route 121 is 2 blocks above sea level but up here on route 120 it's 18 blocks above sea level. A difference of 16 blocks. Now the reason I didn't build Route 121 18 blocks above sea level is because Mt.Pyre pier would then be a cliff into the ocean and Lilycove City would then be a cliff top city above the ocean.

Can you imagine Lilycove city looking like a city built on the White Cliffs of Dover.  I can, but in the Gameboy game Lilycove city is built at sea level. As route 121 joins Lilycove city, route 121 will be built low down as well.

Mt.Pyre pier.  A small, old pier that lets the player jump into the ocean to access Mt Pyre which will be built next in part 25 along with route 122.

Adding altitude. This plateau reduces the altitude difference from 16 blocks to 12 blocks. 

This staircase is the solution. It's not original but it does follow the exact same path it would if it were flat. 

I also moved this lake down to a more appropriate altitude.

These grassy inclines sort of help the modifications blend in. But hey, at least the view from the top is excellent. 

Route 121 features more fences than any other route in Hoenn (I may be wrong though). The fences transform route 121 into a maze of tall grass and trainers.

Well, the Safari Zone building. The actual safari zone where you can catch Pokemon is actually behind route 121. The Safari Zone area will be built in Part 26.

This building provides the basis for the Safari Zone. The area where you can catch Pokemon will open soon. 

Overall Route 121 was quite a lot simpler than I expected it to be despite having to slightly modify it.

This is view from the top of the stairs. I'm considering trimming the tree that blocks the view of Mt.Pyre pier so you can see the entire Mt.Pyre when it's built.

Looking up the stairs that lead up to route 120. 

The western half with Mt.Pyre pier to the side. 

Mt.Pyre pier. 

In the distance you can only just see route 119 and the entire length of route 123. 

The Safari Zone. 

The maze area. 

The entire route. 

The entire route at an FOV (Field of view) of 30*. It looks like an isometric projection from here.

Route's 123 and 121 waiting to be joined together. 

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PS: Check this project out on Planet Minecraft.

Or you can now download a preview here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 25 features Route 122 and Mt Pyre.
After That:  Part 26 features the Safari Zone.
55% Complete.

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