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Minecraft Hoenn: Part 23/43: Fortree City and Route 120

Part 23/43 of the creation of the Hoenn Region in Minecraft.

Part 23 of 43. This means only 20 parts to go until it's finished. In this part the remote city of Fortree City and Route 120 get constructed. One notable thing about these two location is their relatively high altitude compared to other cities and routes. Fortree City is 18 blocks above sea level and so is most of Route 120 with a small area achieving 26 blocks above sea level. This though has to do with the fact that Route 119 which leads up to Fortree City is on a steady incline as you head north. This high altitude though will present problems in part 24 when the time comes to build Route 121. This is because in order to get Route 121 to the right altitude and link up to Route 120 would involve building a staircase for the steep descent. Although this won't be an original feature it should provide excellent views out west of Lilycove City, My Pyre and beyond.

(Image sourced from Bulbapedia)

Fortree City is a city in northern Hoenn. All the houses are treehouses built around trees. Plus the usual Pokemon Centre and Pokemon Mart. Fortree City is home to a Gym that specialises in Flying type Pokemon.

Fortree City measures 80x40 blocks. The altitude of Fortree City was determined by its link to Route 119.

Fortree City is split into three sections. The three sections are on the east and western side of the city plus one in the middle for the gym. They are linked by above ground walkways that also provide access to the tree houses.

These are the foundations of the treehouses. They are made of spruce wood blocks and slabs with birch slabs as walkways. The ladders are the only way up and down from these walkways.

There are two walkways. The other walkway is quite a bit longer. I forgot to mention that these walkways are the only way to get to the other side of the town.

The houses in Fortree City are built around the giant trees found in the area. So that's what I did here. Except they aren't the giant jungle trees as they are way too big for this purpose. They are smaller trees that were man-made by me. Why? for correctly proportioned looks and the maximum amount of interior space that can be acquired.

And here is a finished treehouse.

The treehouse was cloned to all six locations. All the treehouse exteriors are the same with very little differences with the interiors.

Giant trees. The giant trees are suppose to be unique to Fortree City but in this Minecraft world the giant trees can be found in the northern most sections of route's 119 and 120.

Fortree Gym's leader, Winona, specialises in Flying type Pokemon.

The gym extends underground and a frighteningly long way out north. All the gyms now are built at a 2:1 scale so this gym is no exception. All the gyms that were built earlier at a 1:1 scale will be upgraded prior to final release.

The interior of Fortree Gym has lots and lots of columns that act as walls.

The fences aren't original. They just stop the player from taking illegal shortcuts.

Aaaaand it's done.

Fortree City looks quite overgrown and leaves from trees may regenerate and block the walkways.

The treetop city that frolics with nature.

A treehouse looking from the rear.

The interior of a treehouse. Most of the treehouses only has one or two pieces of furniture in them.

The gym as seen from the southern walkway.

A view down Route 119 with Route 123 in the background.

Looking up a ladder at a house.

The northern walkway.

Fortree Gym.

(Image sourced from Bulbapedia)

Route 120 is a high altitude medium-large size route. The 18 blocks above sea level comes from Route 120 linking with Fortree City.

At the tip you can see across the Hoenn Region. On a 64-bit computer with the maximum 32 chunk render distance set the view should be absolutely tremendous.

But first we have to build it. Below is a small lake. Well, not yet but will be.

Coarse dirt is the most invaluable building block I have. It's great because grass or mycelium won't grow on it so you can make faux rock faces.


Now a bridge, staircase and the Scorched Slab. The scorched slab is quite a basic place so I won't say much except that the cave is accessed only by swimming through the water.

Rain. I suppose it's appropriate at it always rains on Route 120.

Building up even higher.

And higher until the highest point is 26 blocks above sea level. At the top will lie the Ancient Tomb.
 So high up. This is the southern most border of Route 120 looking west towards the southern end of Route 119.

From the highest point of Route 120 looking in roughly the same direction towards the southern end of Route 119.

And looking up at Route 120 from the southern end of Route 119.

Ok. Back to construction. The area below is a double tall grass maze with sand to make where grass won't be growing.

Like Route 119, Route 120 has only double tall grass.

Another small lake and some puddles. Though deep it looks better to use water than fake blue clay.

The southern most end of Route 120 has a small lake built slightly below the mainland. This will eventually have to be turned into a small lake.

The reason no water is flowing off the edge is that the water was placed with an external world editor.

I missed out on this part. This is in the middle of Route 120 where is always rains. There are puddles everywhere and mushy grasslands.

I also missed out on this bit as well. This is the northern most part of Route 120 and is in need of double tall grass.

And now the highest area of Route 120. The lower section has a lake and a place where you can grow berries while the upper part has the Ancient Tomb.

The Ancient Tomb was cloned from the Desert Ruins on Route 111 as they are both exactly the same inside and out. The Ancient Tomb is the resting place of Registeel.

Route 120 I find is a visually striking Route with many great views across the region from it's plateau geography. 

Looking south across the brigde. No Kecleon's will be found here.

A small hidden area right at the northern most point of Route 120.

In the Gameboy game it always rains here.

Sand removed, the grass maze is now a maze. Of course you can walk through it without slowing down or encountering wild Pokemon you may end up very wet if you don't stop in time.

The upper area of Route 120. For some reason this screenshot just has an unnatural shade of blue in the water.

The Ancient Tomb.

This will all be filled in prior to release.

Looking south from the upper part.

Looking west from where Route 120 turns into Route 121.

Sadly a non original staircase will have to be built here. At least at the top you will be rewarded with stunning views of My Pyre and Lilycove City. And if you can set your render distance far enough, Mossdeep City.

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PS: Check this project out on Planet Minecraft.

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 24 features Route 121.
After That:  Part 25 features Route 122 and Mt Pyre.
52% Complete.

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