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Minecraft Hoenn: Part 22/43: Route 119

Part 22/43 of the creation of the Hoenn Region in Minecraft.

50% complete. This project has reached the half-way point. It's taken 5 month to get to this point but I suspect it will take no more than 2 months to finish the project as the majority of land based routes are finished and mostly water routes remain. Water routes take much less time to make. But for now, here is Route 119. As long as Route 111, it is also one of the longest land routes in Hoenn. Route 119s geography is a steady incline in altitude the further north you go. It is also one of the most complicated land routes in Hoenn both here and in the Gameboy game because of all the difficult to reach hidden areas.

Route 119 was a complicated route to craft. It has many different levels but that meant areas could be broken up and focused on one by one than as a whole.
(Image sourced from Bulbapedia)

Route 119s southern end begins at the entrance on Route 118 just outside Mauville City.

There's a river that cascades down through Route 119. The river is crossed in various places by bridges and bike paths that can only be traversed by hopping on the Acro Bike and jumping across the gaps (you'll see this later).

Route 119s tall grass is all double tall grass. It is as high as the player and makes navigating through the grassy field a bit difficult. 

The sand bars are reference points to open areas where grass won't be going. The sand will be removed later. Plus the double tall grass blends right in with the grass blocks. 

Levelling up to level 2, 3, 4 and 5. All the trees and grass were added one area at a time. 

In the Gameboy game it frequently rains and thunderstorms on Route 119 so when it started raining, which is does a lot, it provided a great opportunity to snap this screenshot of progress so far.

The acro bike bridge as seen below is the iron bridge that looks like an interlaced 'Z'. In the gameboy game this bridge can only be travelled over by hopping over the segments on an acro bike. 

And so the river continues...

Levels 6 and 7. 

There isn't a level 8 so we'll skip straight to level 9. 9 levels! By the way the bridge in the screenshot below is one of the longest bridges in Hoenn.

The grassy field below is in the middle of Route 119. 

It's raining again.

Before making the northern part I was thinking about using jungle trees on the highest level or continue using oak trees. nI the end I decided to use Jungle trees. They add variety. Plus they match the theme of a remote rainforest and with the tree-house's of Fortree city, these trees would match perfectly. 

The weather institute is where the player in the Gameboy game can obtain a Castform. The weather Pokemon that was created by researchers at the Weather Institute. Castform can change its appearance depending on the weather.

(Image sourced from Bulbapedia)

The weather institute is a large, glass building with two levels inside. It has a slightly high-tech look.

The exterior consists of 'white' clay and glass.

If it were a real building the structure comes from large columns that extend down the front and rear of the building.

For the interior I went for the same layout as the Weather Institute in the Gameboy game but with my own modern twits. The staircase runs at a gentle incline along the back of the building. There is glass all around for excellent views of Route 119.

Lighting comes from torches on the first floor and a combination of torches and glowstone on the second floor. 

All around Route 119 is double tall grass. You won't find any wild Pokemon here (unless you install a mod.) 

The highest level, level 9. 18 blocks above sea level. The highest altitude route in Hoenn excluding Mt Chimney. 

For the first and only time I'm using Jungle tree's in Hoenn. I put in a few giant trees by planting a 2x2 area of saplings. That, plus normal trees around the spare area.

More acro bike bridge and Jungle tree's on the last area of Route 119 to be built.

North western most point of Route 119. This small lake is the source for the river that flows through Route 119.

An aerial view looking north of Route 119. The render distance set at the maximum of 16 chunks is just enough to capture the jungle trees right at the northern end. 

The sign now reading the truth. 

The grassy fields that make up all the grass on Route 119. 

This house in the Gameboy game houses 6 Wingull Pokemon.
Ground view looking north at the river.

Looking downstream from the longest bridge in Hoenn. 

Looking at the Weather Institute. 

The view from the upper floor in the weather institute.

The finished Weather Institute. 

Looking up at the Jungle.

The last path until Fortree City. 

And because of the rainy nature of Route 119. Some screenshots of the rain. 

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If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 23 features Fortree City and Route 120.
After That:  Part 24 features Route 121
50% Complete!!!

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