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Minecraft Hoenn: Part 18/43: Mt Chimney and Jagged Pass

Part 18/43 of the creation of the Hoenn Region in Minecraft.

Wow. That was quick. Two updates in two days. It took only 4 hours total to build Mt Chimney and Jagged Pass. Two crucial areas of Pokemon. Yet again the physically impossible challenges that the Pokemon games give are here too. This means that Mt Chimney and Jagged Pass are not going to be 100% accurate copies. Mt Chimney in the Gameboy Game would be too big in Minecraft if it were to be perfectly copied, same for Jagged Pass. But despite this I've tried to adapt these two locations to fit and look good as well as being funtional.

(Image sourced from Bulbapedia)

Mt Chimney is the highest point in the Hoenn Region. It is accessible only by cable car. Jagged Pass provides a one way route down the mountain. The important role that Mt Chimney plays in Pokemon is the location where Team Magma or Team Aqua place a meteorite they stole from Meteor Falls into a machine with the intention of causing the volcano to become active.

Here in Minecraft construction starts at the summit of Mt Chimney. 

The stairs provided a base from where everything else will be built off. In fact, the stairs are the only piece of this that are 100% accurate from the game. 

The area, or void of air below Mt Chimney will eventually be replaced by gravel as a bat spawn prevention mechanism. But better than that is that the old minecart track (screenshot above) can now be removed, torn down, destroyed as points to a dead end.

Below is the cable car station that takes you down to the bottom of Route 112.  The new minecart track is almost completely straight which means less odd looking left and right turns.

And below is the new minecart track. It runs almost straight save for the chicane near the top. 

The lava pit. This is where the machine that Team Magma/Aqua want to place their stolen meteorite (machine not pictured). 

When I first put lava in the pit, it looked a bit disappointing, and safe. 

 So then I widened the pool. Now that looks more menacing.

After the final sanding (literally) Mt Chimney, well, the playable part anyway is finished. Almost. Screenshots of the actual finished project are at the end of this post. 

 (Image sourced from Bulbapedia)

Jagged Pass provides a one way track down from Mt Chimney to Lavaridge Town. In the Gameboy game it is possible to travel up Jagged Pass using an Acro Bike. But here in Minecraft it will be one way only. Sadly it would have been impossible to completely replicate Jagged Pass as the gradient on Jagged Pass is gentler than it is on Mt Chimney. Plus the entrance/exit on the Mt Chimney end to be moved to make the most of the lack of space.

Tree clearing was the first thing to do. Jagged Pass is a clean track up the side of Mt Chimney. 
 Basically Jagged Pass is stairs, ledges...
 , grass...
 , and leaves.
 And some more leaves.

And that's it. 


The cauldron is a stand in for the machine. 

The view across Hoenn. 

Here is the new entrance to Jagged Pass. In the Gameboy game you start Jagged Pass heading south. Here you start by heading east.

Looking down the stairs. By the way it is possible to go up Jagged Pass by jumping. But you know you're not suppose to. I mean, you can't jump in the Gameboy game. 

This is looking up Jagged Pass to the summit of Mt Chimney. Here is the only place you can legitimately ascent Jagged Pass. But only by 2 blocks. 

Looking at the top of Mt Chimney from Lavaridge Town. Near completion it will all be surrounded with red sandstone.

Here's the big picture. 

Here's the bigger picture. 

Here's the even bigger picture. 

Route 111 on the left. Route 113 on the right. Mt Chimney in the centre. 

That's all the progress so far in the Hoenn Region.

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If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated.
Next: Part 19 features Route 114 and Route 115.
After That:  Part 20 features Meteor Falls.
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