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Minecraft Hoenn: Part 19/43: Route 114 and Route 115

Part 19/43 of the creation of the Hoenn Region in Minecraft.

 Route 114 and Route 115 link Fallarbor Town to Rustboro City via Meteor Falls in the middle. Both these routes are the same size (40x320). These route's did take a little while to build as they have a large combined area with lots of sandstone. But as always it has been finished with the best quality and the best accuracy possible. While making it I thought it would be best to leave the rocks on Route 115 unfinished so it would be easier to craft Meteor Falls which sits right in the middle of Route 114 and 115.

Route 114 links Fallarbor Town to Meteor Falls. Route 114 consists of farmland, a river and a small mountain range. Landmarks are the Fossil Maniac's house and Lanette's house.
(Image sourced from Bulbapedia)

This part marks the last segment of routes for the western side of Hoenn.

As always I start with a blank canvas. It measures 40x320 blocks. Route 114 has 3 different 'biomes'. Dirt plain, grassy plain with a lake and a sandstone mountain range.

As a reference for everything else to be built on this route, any geographical features are continued on from any adjoining areas for a continuous look.

The lake was then carved out and the smaller ponds. This by the way is the first area in this Minecraft Hoenn Region that a waterfall makes an appearance.

It's easiest and fastest to build larger landmarks and features first. If you do this you can use them as reference points for adding small detail later such as ledges and grass.

Adding detail to the northern part of Route 114. Detail includes coarse dirt for ground cover, farmland and a short path.

This is the bridge that crosses the lake. In the Gameboy game you can either use the bridge and battle a few trainers or surf across (once you've obtained the correct gym badge) and risk an encounter with a wild Barboach.

The bridge is made from spruce wood slabs to look like the bridge in the Gameboy game. Also, notice the Acacia Tree's. This is the last place where you will see them in Hoenn. Except on the surrounding areas of Mossdeep City

This is the interior of Lanette's house. Lanette is a computer expert and is most famous for upgrading the Pokemon box storage system on the PC's avaliable in all Pokemon Centre's. Upgrades include a more user friendly interface and the ability to change wallpaper backgrounds. Lanette's system is an upgrade over Bill's system.

Here is the rocky area where Meteor Falls will reside within in the next part. Just as Mt Chimney was built, this will be built layer upon layer.

But unlike Mt Chimney, I'm using dirt instead of gravel. Why? Well when I excavate the area to build Meteor Falls the last thing I want to be doing is clearing gravel which will fall when it isn't supported by anything.And in a largeish scale operation like this is will get very annoying, very quickly.

Almost done...

Meanwhile here is the Fossil Maniacs house. Well, it will be here shortly. In Pokemon Emerald the player can obtain the fossil that wasn't obtained in the Desert on Route 111. In Pokemon Ruby (which is what version this map is being based on) it serves as an optional part of the story. You don't need to visit this place. But because it's in the game it will be included here.

Within the Fossil Maniacs house there is a cave accessible out the back. The cave will be built behind Route 114.

The cave will concealed so it won't be visible in the overworld. The cave has been built at the same 2:1 scale as the overworld for consistency. Plus because we have the space available, why not?

And here is the interior with the dirt ceiling. I'm using torches to light the cave even though there is no light source visible in the Gameboy Game.

Eventually this while area will be sealed off with dirt effectively hiding the cave. By the way if you've been wondering what that floating building is, It's a Pokemon Contest Hall. It's there ready for its placement in Lilycove City. The last city to have a Pokemon Contest Hall.

 The finished product lives up to my quality standards. Near perfect perfection.

Route 114 looking from Fallarbor Town.

On the ground just leaving Fallarbor Town.

The bridge across the lake with Lannete's house in the background.

Walking towards the sandstone rocks.

Looking back at Route 114 standing on the

This is what will be the entrance to Meteor Falls in the next part of the series.


Route 115 links Fallarbor Town to Rustboro City via Meteor Falls. Early in the game it can't be travelled on as the ledges block the players progress to travel north. It isn't until later when the player obtains the ability to surf that they can travel to the northern part of the route. So Route 115 isn't a purely one-way route.
 (Image sourced from Bulbapedia)

Route 115 sits to the south western side of Route 114.

But unlike Route 114 this is a part land, part water route. This is the first land-water route to be built since Route 110.

The first thing I did was place the rocks that mark the border of where the player shouldn't be going in the ocean.

Then the sandstone that will eventually join onto Route 114.

Unfortunately construction on the sandstone mountain range will have to stop here. Why? Well it would make it easier to make Meteor Falls. But when Meteor Falls are finished I'll complete the mountain range.

The southern section consists of a few ledges, trees and some flowers. Nothing particularly complicated.

This is the northern section of Route 115. It is the only place in Hoenn where you can catch a Jigglypuff. This place is only accessible by using surf.

But after adding the tree's it looks just like a forest. But in the forest all the paths have been cleared.

And here it is. Route 115 is as finished as it will be until Meteor Falls is finished. 

Here are the two routes. They both line up on the east-west plane at least which is a good thing.

Route 115 aerial view from Rustboro City. Because I have 32-bit operating system and therefore 32-bit Java the render distance is limited to 16 chunks (256 block radius). I do have a 64-bit computer with 64-bit java but it is slow and when I set the render distance to the maximum 32 chunks (512 block radius) there are odd graphical glitches that grind the computer to a halt. 

Anyway, here's Route 115 looking on the ground from Rustboro City.

The northern section is clear enough to travel through.

A staircase?

Some grass with a view across the ocean.

The other entrance to Meteor Falls.

Looking south towards Rustboro City.

I quite like this screenshot below. It sort of gives a preview of when the finished Hoenn Region will look like.

That's all the progress so far in the Hoenn Region.

Stay tuned and subscribe.

PS: Check this project out on Planet Minecraft

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated.
Next: Part 20 features Meteor Falls.
After That:  Part 21 features Route 118 and Route 123.
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