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Minecraft Hoenn: Part 27/43: Lilycove City

Part 27/43 of the creation of the Hoenn Region in Minecraft.

Lilycove City has taken a while to built because it was much, much more complicated than I expected. All but one of the buildings are new designs and four of those buildings are major landmarks. Plus the increased workload I have in the real world means time to work on this project has been robbed. If you were starting to panic that I've abandoned this project without warning you can stop now. All is good. If I was canning this project I would ask for a volunteer to finish it. But anyway, Lilycove city is here, it's done and it looks absolutely fantastic.

Lilycove City is the last place to be built on the mainland. All locations from now on will be offshore.

(Image sourced from Bulbapedia)

Lilycove City has two areas. Land and sea. The land portion has a unique shape which incorporates a sandy bay.

This is the bay in Lilycove City. Under the water is sand so the water is shallow and has a lighter blue look to it.  Just like the real thing.

But unlike the real thing you can't walk through the water like a shallow puddle. You have to wade through it. So that's the sea half complete. Now it's time to move onto the land.

All the buildings have the area's they will occupy marked out. There are 9 buildings in total.

A house. All houses in Lilycove city have exactly the same exterior.

And there are four houses. One design was cloned to the three empty spots.

But this house is different in that it is slightly wider. This is the Pokemon Trainers Fan Club. There's nothing really worth noting except that it's a widened house.

The Cove Lily Motel. This is where a battle against Team Magma or Team Aqua takes place.

The motel has an exterior that's slightly more complicated than usual. It has two stories with the upper story being smaller than the lower story.

But soon the Cove Lily motel was complete.

This is the lower floor complete with tables and chairs.

And here is the upper floor complete with tables and chairs.

Now the contest hall. A landmark worth noting. The contest hall pictured below is what I was originally going to use. But I found out the Contest Hall in Lilycove City is much, much bigger. Especially on the inside.

And here is where the Contest Hall will go. In the middle of Lilycove City. This Contest Hall is the Master Rank. The highest rank. Which might explain why it's so big.

The contest hall has all the design elements from other contest halls. But this one is just made much bigger.

The interior. Lots and lots of acacia wood.

And the contest hall itself. This is built underground and rightly so. It measeures more than 100 blocks wide. It is, of course built at the 2:1 scale which is the same as the overworld.

Decked out with red wool walls and a quartz and glowstone ceiling, this contest hall looks very big indeed. 

The floor. A blend of jungle and acacia wooden planks form a chequerboard effect that looks like the floor in the game.

Oh dear. The ceiling is leaking. But that's because the ocean is right above it. This was a design flaw that was no seen beforehand.

There are three stages in the contest hall. All of which have different coloured stairs.

There are paintings on the walls to fill in what would be blank scoreboards and contest hall logos.

Lilycove City Harbour is where the player can catch the S.S Tidal and travel to the Battle Frontier or Slateport City.

This building was cloned straight from Slateport City. The only difference is this building is two blocks longer than the one in Slateport.

The big landmark to grace the shore of Lilycove City is the department store. It's a massive Pokemon Mart where you can buy the usual healers and Pokeballs. You can buy decorations for your secret base. Purchase TM's for your Pokemon and even win prizes.

This is the Ground floor. The ground floor will serve the basis for the next five floors.

The ground floor was cloned to create the next five floors. From then on each floor will be decorated with the appropriate decorations.

But I made a mistake. I forgot to put a block of floor in. That is a long way down.

The roof is the highest point of Lilycove City.

From the roof you can see quite a long way into the distance.

1F. The first floor where you can win prizes. All floor will be carpeted to hide the ceiling from the floor below.





The last landmark to be built in Lilycove. Lilycove Museum is an art museum with an 1800's look to the exterior. There are two floors.

The exterior was finished quite quickly despite the complicated look.

And before long the whole building was completed. Interior screenshots can be seen a little bit further down the page.

Overall I'm happy with the result as always despite the unusually long time it took to construct the city.

Inside Lilycove Harbour. You can see the Contest hall from here.

Looking east into the distance.

Looking across the bay.

You could almost put this on a postcard.

Looking east over the cliffs.

Looking up at the tallest building in Hoenn.

The view from the tallest building in Hoenn.

The interior of Lilycove Museum.

Unfortunately the Team Magma Hideout is way too complicated to build in Minecraft. There are portals in the hideout that transport you to various different rooms. I'm sure there's a mod that let's you do that but as I'm sticking to a mod-free construction (for the best compatibility) that won't be happening. But on the bright side just imagine it as though it's been sealed off like it will be in Ruby and Sapphire after you've defeated the Elite Four.

Progress so far.

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If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 28 features Route 124
After That: Part 29 features Mossdeep City
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