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Minecraft Hoenn: Part 30/43: Route 125 and Shoal Cave

Part 30/43 of the creation of the Hoenn Region in Minecraft.

Part 30. More than 2/3rds through. Its almost nearly finished. I've been getting distracted recently by a new simulator I bought. Euro Truck Simulator 2. It's great bet it's distracting me from this project. Got to control that. Anyway, route 125 is about a third the size of route 124 (the largest route in all Pokemon games) that lays just west of route 125. It was quite easy but repetitive to make. Getting all the rocks in the right place requires a lot of concentration. But it's all rewarding and in the end it looks wonderful.

(Image sourced from Bulbapedia)

Route 125 is a route that is only accessible by visiting Mossdeep City. It has a lot of places to set up a secret base in the Pokemon game and it is also the home of Shoal Cave which we'll get to later.

Rocks and clay etc...

A bit more done. There's not much new things to say about the building techniques.
Some refinement and Route 125 is finished.

(Image sourced from Bulbapedia)

Now something more interesting. Shoal Cave. Now before we all get exited I have to say that not all of Shoal Cave has been built. Because there is not enough space underground in terms of depth. It's only 20 blocks or so from sea level to the bedrock layer. But the first room and the unique ice room are here.

At various times of the day the tide is either high or low. If it's high you can obtain the shoal shells. If it's low you can obtain the shoal salts. Once you have four of each there is a man in the first room of the Shoal cave who will make a Shell Bell for you.

The early stages of what will become the ice room. The ice room is built at the lowest possible level. Yes, that's the bedrock layer. Beyond that is the void. An endless tunnel that will have you falling until the game will eventually terminate the life of your player to prevent a crash.

It's complete with wild Zubat.

It looks like an ice skating rink.

Uh-oh. The ice is melting from the torches. The solution you can see later on.

More progress.

Some more progress.
By the way. This is what the Ice Room/Cave looks like.
(Image sourced from Bulbapedia)

By the way. The solution to stop the ice melting was obvious. Move the torches away. They are mounted around the edge of the ceiling.

Aaaaand it finished.

Now to cover up Shoal Cave.

Covering 57% complete. Or 64%. Or even 59.98%.

The covering up continues.

And now it's all finished.

 The interior of Shoal Cave looks quite elegant. The rows of torches are especially neat.

A small room that leads down into the ice room.

Do you really want to go down there? Of course you do. You know you want to.

Ice Room

Route 125 all finished.

Route 125 from the Mossdeep Space Center.

Progress so far. (I almost forgot)

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PS: Check this project out on Planet Minecraft.

Or you can now download a preview here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 31 features Route 127
After That: Part 32 features Route 126
And After That: Part 33 features Sootopolis City and the Cave of Origin.
68% Complete.

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