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Minecraft Hoenn: Part 15/43: Route 112

Part 15/43 of the creation of the Hoenn Region in Minecraft.

Here we are at Route 112. Route 112 has one side of Mt Chimney and running underneath, the Fiery Path. This is currently the highest altitude area of the Hoenn Region. The only place that would be higher would be the summit. Route 112 was a little bit odd in that in the Gameboy Game there are some illusions that make the front (southern side) look like it would continue around to the northern side. But if you look carefully (at the screenshot below), the levels of rocks seem to merge into one. If you don't know what I mean: The northern side has 7 levels of rock from the grass base to the summit. But the southern side has 18 levels. The sides seem to dissapear around the back of Mt Chimney. This means that Mt Chimney will look a bit skewed to one side. But every other aspect of Route 112 is perfect. Except for the Fiery Path. Which I will explain soon.

(Image sourced from Bulbapedia)

Another day in Hoenn. Another day of construction. Route 112 here is a road to nowhere.

I just thought I would add the stairs to act as the reference point for everything else.

The Fiery Path allows access to the northern part of Route 112. It's an alternative route so the player doesn't have to travel through the desert on Route 111.  In the Gameboy game the Fiery path must be traversed before heading through the desert. The player at this point would not have the Go-Goggles that would allow them to walk through the constant sandstorm of the desert.

The Fiery Path runs underneath Mt Chimney. The entrance on the southern side is 6 block higher than the entrance on the northern side. But the Fiery Path in the Gameboy game is flat. So near the entrance on the southern side there are some non-original stairs. On top of this the Fiery Path exceeds the boundaries of Route 112. So some of it will have to go over the border.

But inside it is 2:1 scale and all of it (except the southern entrance) is replicated perfectly. Red sandstone I've decided would be the best as it best matches the red tinge of the rocks in the Gameboy game.

Fully lit of course. It helps keep those horrible and annoying bats away.

And the ceiling. All red sandstone.

All non squared off edges are filled in with gravel which makes the next part of filling the interior of Mt Chimney with gravel much easier in MCEdit.

Mt Chimney is one of the major landmarks of the Hoenn Region. On the Gameboy the player must defeat Team Magma (Ruby and Emerald version) or Team Aqua (Sapphire version) at the summit and retrieve the meteorite that was stolen from Meteor Falls

The construction of Mt Chimney consisted of a gravel interior to prevent the spawning of bats and a red sandstone and red sand exterior to replicate the red tinge of the rock in the Gameboy game.

There were a few issues while using the Gameboy game to map out how to build Mt Chimney. Various levels of rock would continue around the front of the mountain but then merge into a different level around the back of the mountain. It appeared to be an illusion to stop the mountain looking skewed on the Gameboy game.

Layer after layer until the Mountain was complete.

This is what it looked like looking down on the northern entrance of the Fiery Path.

Looking towards the unfinished summit from the southern side.

And now it's 95% done. All that needs doing now is replacing the gravel top surface with red sand.

And now it's complete. This is what I meant by it would be skewed to one side. The northern side slopes up at a much steeper angle than the southern side.

And here is the finished summit looking from the southern side.

And now the fun part. Detailing and vegetation.

I did the northern part first just because I felt like doing the northern part first. You may have noticed an Acacia tree in the top left corner of the screenshot below. There's a mix of Acacia and Oak trees as Route 113 which is right next to Route 112 will have all Acacia Tree's. Having a few here makes the transition of vegetation a bit more realistic.


Here is the cable car station that runs to the summit of Mt Chimney.

It is a simple minecart track with section of redstone powered track so the minecart can reach the summit.

Overall I'm quite pleased with the result. You may have noticed that the minecart line that goes to the top of Mt Chimney isn't straight like it is in the Gameboy game. This is because of one of those illusions that make the cable car appear to go straight when it really doesn't. This may change in the future so fear not. Also I think the tree's may be a bit too big. I'll trim them down for the final release if they spoil the view too much. 

Here is the northern side of Mt Chimney. The northern side is almost vertical thanks to the illusions present in the Gameboy game.

A section of Mt Chimney showing the gravel interior, the red sandstone exterior and the Fiery Path protruding out right at the bottom.

The view across the land from the top of the minecart track.

The ledges that lead down from where Lavaridge town will be built.

The summit is obscured by the tree's. I think I'll really fix this for the final release.

The main walkway inside the Fiery Path.

The area that can only be accessed by using STRENGTH. Except here. All the boulders have been moved for you.

Looking up from the northern entrance to Fiery Path.

A close up view of the ledges. Lavaridge town will be built to the right where the sea currently is.

Coming later... JAGGED PASS
Jagged pass connects Route 112 to the summit of Mt Chimney which has not been constructed yet. And as I do not know exactly where the summit will go or line up with, Jagged Pass will be built a little bit later. 

That's all the progress so far in the Hoenn Region.

Stay tuned and subscribe.

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated.

Next: Part 16 covers Lavaridge Town.
After That:  Part 17 features Route 113 and Fallarbor Town.
I've changed the order of parts around so apologies for any confusion from last post
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