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Minecraft Hoenn: Part 14/43: Route 111

Part 14/43 of the creation of the Hoenn Region in Minecraft.
In this part I made Route 111. Route 111 is the first of one of the longest land route's in Hoenn. The other two being Route 123 and Route 119 both being 280 blocks in length. Route 111 is by far the best Route I've made as part of this project. I've really focused on accuracy especially on the rocky slopes that make up a majority of Route 111. Tree's also don't have a barrier of leaves around them any more. I've seen that when the wall of leaves that is suppose to keep the player out of area's they're not suppose to be in. It looks rather unnatural. Removing the leaf border makes the whole place look like it would if it were a real location. Albeit blocky. Overall though I'm very happy with the result.

Route 111 links Mauville City to Lavaridge Town via Route 112 (being built next), Mt Chimney and Jagged Pass. And Fallarbor Town via Route 113. As mentioned in the intro it is one of the three longest land routes in all of Hoenn. The other two being Route 123 and Route 119.
(Image sourced from Bulbapedia)

The foundation measures 80x280x4. The largest foundation yet. It's all land except for a small lake in the southern half of the map. Route 111 is one of the longest land route's in all of Hoenn.

About 240 blocks are 8 blocks above the sea floor. 4 blocks higher than the initial foundation.

The southern area is home the the Winstrate Family and in Pokemon Emerald, Trainer Hill (not featured). The area marks the beginning of Route 111.

I used an external editor as I do now. Makes things so much easier.

Here I thought it would be best to develop a new standard in how I would make the rock faces. The standard now it a 2x2 block with a block on top of that touching the land it joins up to.

Repeat this for the entire route and you'll shortly have an accurate and beautiful looking set of rock faces.

New to this project. Tree's don't have a ring of leaves round the base. The intention of this is for a cleaner and more natural looking look. The leaf borders were supposed to stop player from entering areas they shouldn't. But the low leaves of the trees stop the player anyway rendering the leaf borders useless.

This is the Winstrate family's house. This is where the player in the Gameboy game can battle four members of the family in a row. This is an optional component of the game and does not add to the story line.

Speaking of leaf borders. As you can see below there are rings of leaves where the tree's are planted. Once the tree's are grown the borders are removed leaving only the tress's. It's a much better looking system.

The interior of the Winstrate's house.

After removing the leaf border's you get this clean, natural look.

And an aerial view of the southern area before final completion.

The desert is in the middle of Route 111. In the Gameboy game the player needs to obtain Go-Goggles in order to progress through the desert. No Go-Goggles are needed here.

The paths where wild Pokemon cannot be found it sand.

The deep sand where Pokemon would be found is Sandstone slab. I know, I know, sandstone is compacted sand but this is for aesthetics. I used the replace function of MCEdit for this. I selected an area of land and replaced air blocks with sandstone slab.

Oh, and here is the Desert Ruins. Here the player can obtain the legendary Pokemon Regirock

And that's all there is to it. Desert complete.

The northern area connects with the northern part of Route 112 and Route 113. It's quite a simple area. There's a few trees and a house where the Player can rest.

Unfortunately I was getting too carried away with the construction and forgot to take a 'before' screenshot of the area.

The finishing touches was nothing more that finishing the rock faces. I filled the otherwise empty area inside the rock faces with gravel with the intention of stopping those annoying bats spawning.

The top layer of gravel is removed after adding the next up rock layer. By the why, when I say rock, what I mean is coarse dirt. Dirt that doesn't grow grass from adjacent blocks.

Layer after layer after layer.

This is what it looks like before a rock face has the top filled in.

And this is what it looks like after.

And it's done. It's by far the best section yet.


Looking north from Mauville City.

The Winstrate family's house.

The two boulders that must be smashed (or jumped over) to progress.

The desert lookin in from the southern end.

Looking south on the desert from a northern rock face.

To the west is Route 112. To the north is Route 113.

The old lady's house where the player can 'rest their tired bones'

The ledges that lead down south. Route 113 will be built to the right. Mt Chimney will eventuall be visible in the background.

Aerial view looking south towards Mauville City with Route 110 visible on the Horizon.

Aerial view of Route 111 looking North from Mauville City.

That's all the progress so far in the Hoenn Region.

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If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated.

Next: Part 15 covers Route 112
After That:  Part 16 covers Lavaridge Town. 
I've changed the order of parts around so apologies for any confusion from last post

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