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Minecraft Hoenn: Part 13/43: Route 116 and Rusturf Tunnel

Part 13/43 of the creation of the Hoenn Region in Minecraft.
Good news. I've posted this project on Specifically I shared it there to get more views here. So far it's working albeit slowly. Anyway, this time I made Route 116 and Rusturf Tunnel. When I was building it there were several issues. One major issue was that Route 116 which is suppose to be touching Verdantuf Town to the east, isn't touching. Either Route 116 is 4 blocks too far north or Verdanturf Town is 4 blocks too far south. Whatever it is, the two areas don't touch with each other which means that it's almost certain that another area will be out of alignment sometime in future development. But that should not be a big issue as a gap here is barely noticeable when it's filled in. As you shall see further down the page.

Route 116 connects Rustboro City to Verdanturf town via an unfinished tunnel called Rusturf Tunnel. Route 116 was quite fun to make. Not too hard and not too easy.
(Image sourced from Bulbapedia)

The early stages of any segment is marking out where everything will go. Most importantly where the player can and can't walk.

 As with the new technique I'm using the entire slab of land that's being built on is only 4 sides. Not 178,000 sides as it use to be.

After populating the area with trees and crafting the lower exterior of what will become Rusturf Tunnel it's starting to look excellent. 

Shaping the exterior of Rusturf tunnel was the most difficult part. I find that translating the graphical elements in the Gameboy game such as rock faces into Minecraft to be quite difficult. What I did to make life a whole lot easier was to use, erm, an emulator with a walk through walls cheat to move the player onto rock faces to see where edged and corners meet to form the most accurate recreation I could possibly make. I'm going to use the same technique from now on. It's so much easier than guessing.

Here you can see the 4 block gap in the bottom right corner of the screenshot (below). The white and gold area under the grass is the ceiling of the Normal Rank Contest Hall. If it all was perfect Route 116 and Verdanturf town would have no gap between them and the Contest Hall would be completely concealed. To compensate for this I stretched the exterior of the tunnel over the gap to Verdanturf town and when it's all finished It'll be barely noticeable.

Look. Another thunderstorm.

Rusturf tunnel connects Rustboro City to Verdanturf Town. Hence why the name is Rusturf tunnel. It's a combination of the two places it connects. Rusturf tunnel is an unfinished tunnel in the Gameboy game. The player battles Team Magma (or Aqua) here after they take Mr Briney's Pokemon Peeko hostage. 

 (Image sourced from Bulbapedia)

Unfortunately the interior of Rusturf tunnel is of a very different size to the outside. Much like the same problem I faced with Petalburg woods which I built back in Part 3. This means that Rusturf Tunnel won't be accurately recreated. Sorry if Rusturf Tunnel is your favourite location.

The biggest issue with the interior of Rusturf Tunnel is that the exit to Verdanturf Town is further north than the exit to the eastern side of Route 106. But on the exterior it's the other way around.

The interior consists mainly of Prismarine Bricks and Dark Prismarine. I chose Prismarine because it isn't as bright as Emerald and green clay looks too boring.

 I think that even though it's not a 100% correct representation of Rusturf Tunnel it still looks enough like Rusturf Tunnel to pass. 

This is what it looks like when walking from the Verdanturf Town side to Route 116. 

This is how gaps are concealed. Just cover them up. 

The entrance to Rusturf tunnel on the Route 116 side. 

And here it is finished. 

To keep a cave like look the Dark Prismarine has been placed on top of the dirt to preserve the shape of a cave.

This is what you see when walking towards the exit to Verdanturf Town. You can't actually see the exit at it is hidden by a ledge which leads down to the exit. 

Here is the exit that goes to the eastern segment of Route 116 that is only accessible by Rusturf Tunnel.

Route 116 was simple but Rusturf tunnel was much more complicated. Especially the exterior.

But in the end like always it works out.

This is what it looks like when you leave Rustboro city and enter Route 116. 

An aerial view looking towards Rusturf Tunnel and Verdanturf Town. 

Looking at the screenshot below I just can't wait to see the finished product. 

That's all the progress so far in the Hoenn Region.

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If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated.

Next: Part 14 covers Route 111. One of two of the longest routes in Hoenn.
After That:  Part 15 covers Route 112 where the cable car to the top of Mt Chimney is found.

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