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Part 43/43: Terrain Fill in and finishing touches

Part 43/43 of the creation of the Hoenn Region in Minecraft.

This is the past part in the series. Instead of screenshotting various points in construction I thought I'd do a 'before and after' montage of all the places in Hoenn.

This is a partial update though. It's been two weeks since the last update and I thought I would post an update mid-way just so you all know the project is still going strong.

Since I started University about 3 weeks ago the workload has been robbing time from the whole Pokemon in Minecraft project series. Because of this progress has slowed and I'm re-considering whether I'll be going ahead or not with the Sinnoh project of not. Sinnoh won't be started right away though. I might start it in a few weeks or a few months or possible not start Sinnoh at all. But hopefully not that option.

But for now here is the update.

We focus on the west coast in this partial update.

Here is Dewford Town. Built a very long time ago.

And here it is after. Using an external world editor makes this much easier than doing it 'by hand'.  

Route 124, Rustboro City and Petalburg City. Before.

In the very early parts of this project sections you weren't suppose to walk on were hollow underneath. This was before I was using an external world editor and did everything manually. These hollow areas were filled in with an external world editor improving the quality of the project. 

After. Route 124 and Rustboro City with coastlines. 

Before. Littleroot Town, Routes 101, 102 and 103, Oldale Town, Slateport City and Petalburg City

The surrounding land added waiting for the trees to grow. The land is dotted with spruce saplings. 

And once most of the trees have grown you can call this area finished. 

A whole landlocked area in the central west of Hoenn. Just north of the area mentioned above. 

Land. This was a bit more difficult as some surrounding areas had different land levels. But some clever work with the brush in MCEdit solved that. 

Trees, Trees everywhere. 

It's amazing how fast grass can spread. 

The other half. Same procedure as before but with some rocky areas to make the landscape look a bit more interesting. 

More trees, More trees everywhere. 

This was by far the most complicated area. Rusturf Tunnel, Meteor Falls and Mt Chimney all had to meet up with the land seamlessly. 

After a few hours of careful construction this was the result. It may look a bit angular but hopefully the trees would obscure that. 

Some terrain brushing. 

Some saplings.
And a wild rabbit appears!


North Western section of Hoenn. 

Animals? Pokemon? How about animated objects?

Before vegetation..

After vegetation...

The north west coast. 

It juts out quite a long way. Most of it is Mycelium which is supposed to mimic volcanic ash.


This is the gap between routes 111 and 119.

Filling in the gap was a bit more complicated compared to the flatter areas in the west. Elevations differed on both sides so it was more time consuming than complicated. 

Cows. Why are all these mobs appearing. Must be the land. 

It looks seamless. You can barely see where it use to be a huge, square valley. 

Just east of route 119 is this place. This is even more time consuming. But I like a good challenge. 

I hope this looks natural enough. 

Before trees. 
 After trees.

This is just north of Fortree City and route 119. It forms the northern coast of Hoenn. 

And just to the east. This wraps around the safari zone and ends up joining to Lilycove city.

This sort of looks like Machu Picchu. Or is that just me?

Added coarse dirt to the cliffs and a waterfall to continue the river from route 119. 


South of route 123 is this place. So far an empty ocean. 

But soon an actual landscape with islands and everything.  Except trees.

Oh wait, there they are.

South of Mt Pyre and Lilycove city is this landscape. 

It forms a harbor around Mt Pyre.  

And it looks great with trees. 

 South of Slateport City...

Are some offshore islands which you can feel free to visit but don't expect to find anything.

Except some beautiful oak trees. 

This area is around Pacifidlog Town. It's all dirt. 

And no trees...

Two islands south of Ever Grande City. Again there's nothing stopping you from visiting them. 

To spice things up a bit there's birch trees, grass and flowers. 

 And another island just south of Sootopolis City. With 6 trees, grass and flowers.

Ever Grande City. This one was easy as all I did was...

Continue the repetition of the cliff faces all the way down until I reached the ocean. 

Looks great but sadly no more trees. 

Progress so far.

The next update may come sometime this week. They project is actually finished but all I need to do is some more slight tweaking and take screenshots for and this bolg. Next post will have the full download link plus all the feature screenshots and more.

Stay tuned and subscribe.
PS: Check this project out on Planet Minecraft.

Or you can now download LAST POST'S preview here:
The reason being that people download the final version instead of getting the almost final version and then not bothering with getting the final version. 

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Final Release.
After That: Party time.
98% Complete.

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