Sunday, 1 March 2015

Minecraft Hoenn: Part 42/43: Battle Tower

Part 42/43 of the creation of the Hoenn Region in Minecraft.

Second last part in the series. You could call this the beta release as all the features are here but I'll call the next part the beta release as some things still need sorting out. And then after that it's done, it's over. It's finished.

(Image sourced from Bulbapedia)

Some of you may have read 'Battle Frontier' being mentioned in previous parts. It was and I thought that the Battle Frontier and the Battle Tower were the same thing. I was wrong. This project is based on Pokemon Ruby Version which has the Battle Tower. Pokemon Emerald has the bigger and better Battle Frontier. So, Battle Tower it is.

This is just south of Route 130 where the Battle Tower is in the gameboy game. One slight difference is that you can access the battle tower directly from Route 130 which you can't do in the gameboy game. To get here on the gameboy game you need to go to Lilycove City or Slateport City port and catch the boat there or fly there on your own Pokemon.

Some water was cleared to make way. 

Battle Tower is on a small island so making it only took two hours. 

The top of the island where the Battle Tower goes. 

The exterior is comprised of acacia wood and polished granite with glass running up all four corners of the building highlighted with yellow clay. 

Not knowing exactly how tall this building would be I make it, quite, tall. 

The lowermost floor with the typical quartz and glowstone ceiling. 

A non original staircase. In place of the elevator which is present in the gameboy game you will find a quartz staircase built on iron blocks encased in white glass. 

The next floor up is a hallway which leads to two battle rooms. 

The two battle rooms separated by polished Diorite. Both have a birch wood floor.

And some carpets which represent the battle zones. 

This is the hallway with more stairs. The stairs on each end go to one of the two battle zones. 

The tower ended up being three blocks too tall. 

So a ceiling was put in place and the exterior roof was laid down. 

Now to make my own unofficial route. 

I cloned some rocks from other areas and even custom made one of them. 

And then it was time to flood the area with water. 

The finished Battle Tower. 

Looking towards the Battle Tower from the pier. 

First Level. 

Second Level. 

Looking out of the window you can see Sky Pillar (on the extreme left) and Sootopolis City. 

One of the battle zones. 

Progress so far.

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PS: Check this project out on Planet Minecraft.

Or you can now download a preview here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 43 features terrain fill in and finishing touches.
After That: Final Release.
And After That: Party time.
95% Complete.

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