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Minecraft Hoenn Region: Part 6 Granite Cave & Dewford Town

Part 6 of the creation of the Hoenn Region in Minecraft.

In this part I made Granite Cave and Dewford Town plus Gym. The highlight of this part of the game is that Granite Cave is where the player first meets Steven, the Hoenn Champion. Dewford Town is home to the Gym where the player battles Gym Leader Brawly to earn their second gym badge.

The most complicated part of creating this part in the series was Granite Cave as in the game, the ladders that lead up and down floors don't line up properly which isn't a big deal on the GameBoy because the world is 2D the ladders simply act as portals to different areas. In Minecraft the world is in 3D and therefore the ladders must match up otherwise the ladders would just stop in odd places. More detailed information and the full story below:

Granite cave is a dark cave that the player must explore in order to progress in the game. Granite Cave is three levels, two of which are under sea level. In the Minecraft world the cave's interior is built at a 1:1 scale so it fits in the 2:1 scale exterior.
Red sand is simply used as a marker as to where to build Granite cave and to displace some water.

First thing was to create the first floor the player enters. One issue is that because the ladders that lead up and down floors don't line up properly the interior is not an absolutely perfect copy that would be seen on the GameBoy. Despite this I tried to make is as close to the GameBoy game as possible.

This is the floor underneath the first floor illuminated with torches. The area up the back in the GameBoy game is accessible only by riding a Mach Bike up the muddy incline. Because there are no bike's  in the game I substituted the muddy slope for some pine wood stairs. I chose pine wood because it is the closest matching colour to the dirt interior.

This floor is built below sea level so it wouldn't stick up and be visible while traveling route 106. The depth also adds, I think, to the mystery and nervousness of exploring a deep, dark underground cavern. The stone floor is the last 5 blocks until you reach bedrock and then, the void.

To keep the look real I changed the stone floor to a dirt floor. The pine wood slabs are suppose to be rocks. I know they aren't but they are the closest looking thing in terms of colour to dirt slabs.

Finally the lower most layer. The layer of stone is the final layer until you reach bedrock (Bear in mind that the superflat world is 1xBedrock, 5xStone, 10xDirt and 3xWater).

As predicted, while removing the stone floor to replace with dirt I hit bedrock. Also the stone walls and stone ceiling were replaced with dirt.

While revisiting the over world I decided to just pop back to Littleroot Town for a minute and look what I saw in the distance. Route 106 and a tiny bit further (not visible) Granite Cave.

The interior of the lowest level before decorating. Illuminated with torches so I could see what I was doing.

The second lowest floor... or the first  underground floor the player visits all finished up.

This is the underground area that is directly underneath the sea (evident by the water droplets coming through the ceiling). It the area that is only accessible by Mach Bike. The Soul Sand is a substitute for a broken floor that on the GameBoy game the player falls through if they didn't ride over it fast enough. In Minecraft digging into the floor achieves the same effect. Digging through the Soul Sand floor causes you to end up on the level below. Soul Sand is there purely for cosmetic purposes.

And this is the level below. There is a ladder so the player can try again to get to the end (not 'The End') where there is a special item.

And here is the special item. It is quite simply, Quartz ore.

This is the first floor that the player enters. There is a dirt barrier to prevent the Minecraft player jumping up the ledge and therefore preventing cheating.

The interior of the lowest floor. The player must get to the ladder behind the dirt wall to get to where they need to go.

For added authenticity I removed the torches so the underground floors are completely dark and the player must used Flash/Night Vision Potion in order to navigate... or place torches if they so desire.
An unintentional benefit of removing the torches is that a heap of wild Zubat spawn, further enhancing authenticity.
Back up in the overworld and it is time to create Steven's room. Steven's room is only accessible once the player has navigated through the dark caverns of Granite Cave.

The exterior of Granite Cave after completion. To make it look more real I changed the roof of the cave a bit to make it a bit less, flat.

Dewford town is a small town between Route 106 and Route 107 with Granite Cave just to the north. Dewford Town also has a Gym which is the second gym the player goes to in game.

There are five buildings in Dewford Town. A Pokemon Centre, Gym, Dewford Hall and two houses.

These two houses have identical exteriors making it easier to make the houses.

After completing the Gym, Pokemon Centre and Dewford Hall it was time to build the Gym's puzzle section underneath the town. After excavating the maze it made the town look like it had an odd and angular sinkhole.

The most annoying thing about excavating underneath sand is that sand just falls and it all has to be removed. To make this as easy as possible I used the yellow clay (which  is part of the Gym) as a marker to then excavate upwards on so that I wouldn't lose my way when most of the ground was removed.

This is the interior while it was being completed. Purple and yellow clay walls and stone brick floor and ceiling made it look like haunted house themed amusement park.
And the stairs leading down into the Gym from the building above ground.

After all that excavating it looked as though the town was blown up a little.

But after filling the gaps with more sand it looked as good and untouched as it did before.

And now the scenery. A dirt floor under the ocean forms the base.

Then a layer of sand after marking the edges with leaves.

Then adding wooden blocks to add more leaves

Then finally, finishing the tree's off

And now the town and cave is complete.

That's all the progress so far in the Hoenn Region.
In the next part I will have built Route 107 and Route 108.
Stay tuned.

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated.

I have shrunk the screenshots down furthur and converted them to .jpg in an effort to reduce file size and bandwidth usage as well as improve page loading times.

Thanks for reading.

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