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Minecraft Hoenn: Part 8/43: Route 109 & Abandoned Ship

Part 8/43 of the creation of the Hoenn Region in Minecraft.

In this part I made Route 109 and the Abandoned ship. Route 109 is a combination of land and mostly water. The 'land' is really just a sandy beach that leads up to Slateport City. The abandoned ship however was a bit more complicated as the abandoned ship had areas above water and underwater but despite that it all worked out fine.

ROUTE 109:
Route 109 is essential to travel on in the Gameboy game. It is first traversed by the player on Mr Briney's ship. Route 109 also has four sandy islands plus a beach which leads up to Slateport City. It is a north-south route that joins Route 108.

Like all water routes there is dirt, clay and sandy structures that form a barrier that, in the Gameboy game, prevents the player from escaping into the unknown.

The islands and the beach are the highlight of Route 109.

This is the only island on Route 109 with decorations on it. There is an umbrella made of wool and an inflatable bed made of wool mats.

The beach has a bit more umbrellas and a bit more inflatable beds. There are 10 umbrellas in total. The beach also has the Seashore house where players can win 6 cans of Soda Pop once they have defeated the trainers inside the building.

The three steps of building an umbrella. All you need is some Netherrack Fence and two or more colours of wool. Once you have all those:
  1. Build a 2x2 base of Netherrack fence 3 block high.
  2. Place four blocks of wool right on top.
  3. Place 8 blocks of wool (2 blocks per side) around the perimeter 1 block below the highest level.

The Interior of the Seashore house. Unfortunately you cannot buy soda pop here. The interior of this building differs from the Gameboy as there are only two rows of tables where there should be three. This is due to the lack of space inside the building.

Here is the beach after all the decorations. The sun beds are made of quartz for aesthetic reasons. Obviously quartz would be a poor choice for a sun bed in the real word as it would be very expensive and quite hot to touch on a hot day. The inflatable beds are actually wool which could make a comfortable inflatable bed if it had an inflatable bladder inside with the wool simply acting as a covering although it would be difficult to wash and also impossible to get rid of all the sand it will absorb. Oh well, you have to work with what you've got.
This route is going to be the last water route for a while. The next water route I'm expecting to build after Lilycove city is created which is expected to feature much later in part 27.

The Abandoned Ship is a location on Route 108 which is not an essential destination for the player to visit in the Gameboy game. A reason one might want to visit the Abandoned Ship is to collect all the hidden items. The key item the player can obtain here is a Scanner which can be given to Captain Stern in exchange for a DeepSeaScale.

The red area was marked out while making Route 108 because the Abandoned ship is much, much smaller on the outside than what it is on the inside. You can see what I mean by this in the following screenshots.

The ship started with the stairs that lead up one of the decks on the side. One issue of the Gameboy game being 2D is that the stair appear to be going normally up the side of a vertical wall as stairs normally do. But in the code the stairs are nothing more than walkable tiles on the wall made to look like stairs. This does create some problems when translating the 2D design into a 3D world.

The Abandoned ship is build from the inside out. Like all building interiors in this world it is built at a 1:1 scale. Because of the 1:1 scale some detail will be lacking.

It's getting there. My idea for building from the inside out is to build the ship around the interior to try and hide as much as possible when looking at it from the outside.

This is the underwater area. It is completely dark down here so a night vision potion is needed for the best visibility.

The exterior is almost complete as is the interior. The ship has an odd short and wide look to it. It's short because I didn't want the ship to take up too much space and it's wide because there is a room that is only accessible by diving and it's hidden under the deck on the opposite side of the entrance. This adds to the width.

The interiors. This is the first room the player walks into. There are cabins but in this world only have one room. The Gameboy game would have 4 rooms instead.

Only one room can fit because building these rooms would be like building the interior at a 1:4 scale and in an already low detail world, this would be very difficult, nearly impossible to achieve. Instead only one room (with four doors) built at a 1:1 scale will be built instead.

Ladders replace stairs because of their compact size. Stairs would take up at least 4 times the space.

The lower room. This room leads to another room which leads to the captains room where the player in the Gameboy game can obtain the Scanner. The cabin on the left in the image below contains the pool of water where you travel underwater to reach the final room.

The captains room. The quartz stairs and slab are supposed to be a model of a ship. The table looks like a table (obviously) but there was no block that looked like an electronic user interface. As a substitute I used Emerald ore because the green spots look a bit like the small lights one would see on a user interface panel in a ships control room.

The view towards Route 107 as seen from the captains room.

The hole in the floor that leads to the underwater room which takes the player to an otherwise inaccessible location.

Light is filtering down from above. Would you like to use DIVE?

This is the room that is only accessible by travelling through the watery cavern.

And here is the exterior of the Abandoned ship all finished. It took a while because it is quite a complicated structure but in the end it all comes together.

That's all the progress so far in the Hoenn Region.

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If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated.

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