Friday, 5 February 2016

Hoenn Version 1.1

Hello loyal followers.
Hoenn Version 1.1 is here. Updated between the release of Sinnoh and now it incorporates the advancements made in my building techniques in Sinnoh for some added refinement.  With that also comes in locations that were not present in the original Hoenn release.

List of changes, major and minor include:

  • Raised the terrain to 40 blocks above sea level. 
    • This was a real bottleneck for building underground as the original release had a maximum of 13 blocks from sea level to bedrock. 
  • Added biomes.
    • This really brings the different areas of Hoenn to life. 
  • Added items.
    • Just the above ground items in the form of Creeper Heads. 
  • Added Team Magma Hideout.
    • A crucial aspect of Pokemon Ruby Version was skipped because I had no time to build it and it was affected by the 13 block sea to bedrock bottleneck.
  • Converted most gyms to 2:1 scale.
    • In the original release all but two gyms were 1:1 scale which made it out of place in a 2:1 overworld. Now six gyms are 2:1 scale. The 1:1 scale gyms can be found at Petalburg City and Mauville City. 
  • Lowered Dewford City Gym. 
    • Dewford City gym was build underground below Dewford town. But it was not low enough causing it to be visible at the bottom of the channel that runs beside Dewford City Gym. 
  • Made Sootopolis City Gym more like the Gameboy Game. 
    • Another location affected by the sea to bedrock bottleneck. The interior is very tall and would not have fit in the original. It has been updated to the multi-level ice platform layout as seen in the Gameboy Game. 
  • Made leaf borders less obvious. 
    • Trimming back leaf borders that prevent the player from wandering out of bounds so that the blend in more naturally with the vegetation. 
  • Added Craters to Meteor Falls. 
    • An Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire inspired modification to build meteor craters into the routes path. 
  • Improved landscape around Dewford City. 
    • Replaced all vegetation with naturally growing trees. 
  • Changed dirt rocks on ocean routes to Coarse Dirt. 
    • Prevents grass growth on ocean routes. 
  • Removed Excess saplings.
    • Removed saplings from un-grown trees throughout the region. 
  • Improved the Cave of Origin. 
    • Now includes all the chambers in brilliant 2:1 scale. 

And now a montage of before and after screenshots

Terrain Smoothing. Basically just rounding off angular edges of every sandbar and grass area in the region. 


This continued on grass areas as well.


 Mossdeep City.


The holes in the ocean routes. On the left half are the original holes and on the right are the new holes.

Dewford town with its new trees.

Dewford City Gym. It was a rather boring representation of the gym. Narrow hallways and nothing to interact with.

And after. With wider hallways and more space.

There are now light switches to illuminate different sections of the gym just like the Gameboy game.

Lights off

Lights on.

And the gym leader area. Now with a ceiling that doesn't leak.

Rustboro City Gym.


Sootopolis City Gym. By far the biggest and best update in the region.

And, would you believe it, after.
Yes, those are the ice platforms and there is also the lower level that you would fall into in the Gameboy Version.

The lower Level.

Ice platforms.

Looking back from the Gym Leader area.

Team Magma Hideout. This is another big addition to the region.

The waterside down into the main entrance.

The first room.

The lower level. All the room are connected with those frustrating portals as seen in the Gameboy game. Don't worry, they are just as annoying here as they are in the Gameboy game.

The 'Portals'/

Inside a 'portal'.

The infamous warp room.

Maxie's room.

The lower level submarine chamber.

Meteor Falls now has craters.

Craters everywhere.

The lowest level of the Cave of Origin.


Full map

Route 124, Sootopolis City and Mossdeep City.

Route 119 and Weather Centre.

You can view this project on Planet Minecraft. 

Yes, ok, Here is the download link. 

Enjoy it while you can. 

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  1. You are one of the reasons I didn't uninstall minecraft. Thank you.