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Minecraft Hoenn: Part 10/43: Route 110 and Route 103

Part 10/43 of the creation of the Hoenn Region in Minecraft.
This part was a little bit different from previous parts. I wanted to decoraitut fentire region without any modifications or editors but now I have realised that if I keep this practice up, construction would take a very, very long time. So for this part I've decided to try and use MCEdit to place rows of blocks that make up the land that the player walks on much faster than before. It use to take hours to lay block after block manually in the game but using MCEdit to fill an area with blocks takes just a few minutes.
In part 10 I build Route 110 which features the Trick House and the Desire Cycling Road.

ROUTE 110:
Route 110 is unique in the Hoenn region in that it has the Seaside Cycling Road which is the only bicycle only are (apart from the pylons on the route up to Fortree City). The Seaside Cycling Road is a path that the player in the Gameboy game can use to quickly get from Slateport City (featured in the previous part) to Mauville City using a Bicycle. Route 110 is also where the player battles May or Brandon for the first time in the first proper battle between the other rival.  

As always the border is marked out first which makes it much easier later when it's time to add the buildings and finishing touches.  The borders act as reference points on the map which makes it easier to place a building in the right place for example. 

Now, this is where I wanted to save time using MCEdit. MCEdit is an external Minecraft world editor which  helps save hours of time when filling in the water blocks within the borders.
At first MCEdit was a bit how do I use this?? But after a few minutes I found the brush tool. The brush tool was a bit time consuming and imprecise so after a bit more looking around I found out how to use the fill tool.

Yes, yes, I know. I'm only running Windows Vista because my computer is almost 7 years old. It's an HP 8710w Mobile Workstation if you were wondering. It runs Minecraft at a steady 60fps while standing still but once you start moving or place blocks the frame rate drops to about 5fps. Grrr. Time to consider saving for a new computer.

After using MCEdit I re-loaded the world in Minecraft to find that the external editor had worked wonders saving me a few hours of my time. There were just a few rough edges that I accidently created with MCEdit's brush tool but this was easily resolved and soon the more fun aspect of construction can begin.

 FINALLY, we can start building and decorating the route.

By the way, this is the gap between Route 110 and the western side of Route 103. Everything is lining up perfectly. I hope.

This is looking north before the Seaside Cycling Road. This grassy trail is a man made segment of the route. The cutout at the start of the grassy path is where the Trickmasters house is. 

Patches of tall grass are dotted around the trail. It is along this trail that the player in the Gameboy game has their first real battle with their rival. 

This is the gate to the cycling road. This is also the only series of gates in the entire Hoenn Region. The gates exist to ensure the player on the Gameboy is riding their bicycle when on the Cycling Road. There are two of these gates. One at the northern end and one at the southern end. They are both identical inside and out.

And the mysterious Trick House. The Trick House is a house that has 8 puzzles for the player to complete. Unfortunately there is not enough physical space to fit 8 puzzles. I actually didn't build any puzzles in the Trick Masters house so sorry if you were looking forward to it. I might build a puzzle room nearer to release. 

The painting on the back of the wall is a prop for the script on the back wall of the Trick Master's house. The sign next to it says "I am leaving on a journey. Don't look for me. -Trick Master".

And here is Route 110 90% complete pre cycling road. 

The Seaside Cycling Road is a cycling road (duh) that provides a fast way to get between Slateport City and Mauville City. Building it felt like I was building a motorway which felt great.

The fence around the cycling road that is supposed to stop people falling off was originally going to be blue glass panes but I thought that looked too much like the ocean and blended in too much so I decided to get rid of that and use white glass panes instead.

And before I knew it the cycling road was complete. 

Add a few trees and Route 110 is complete. 

And the remaining screenshots are of Route 110 after vegetation. You may notice that there is an irregular hexagon of dirt down at the bottom right quadrant of the screenshot below and wonder what it is. If you have played the Pokemon game you will know that as being New Mauville which is being built in the next part.


That's all the progress so far in the Hoenn Region.

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If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated.

Next: Part 11 features Mauville City and New Mauville.

22.73% complete

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