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Minecraft Hoenn Region: Part 4 Rustboro City

Part 4 of the creation of the Hoenn Region in Minecraft.

In part 4 Rustboro city is constructed. It took a while to make the city because it's quite large and I had other, slightly more important things to tend to. But after almost 2 weeks it's finished  and it's looking great. I'm glad that i'm building the Hoenn region in Minecraft at 2x the size because it makes the whole region feel more realistic and it means that buildings don't have cramped interiors. Plus I can add more detail.

Rustboro city is one of the large cities in the Hoenn region. Because of its size it took a long time to lay all the blocks one by one. I'm thinking of breaking the rules I set for myself to do this project mod free by using a mod to place a large amount of blocks at once which would save a heap of time.

This is the outline of walkable tiles. It took a very long time to lay all the blocks to make up the slab of land to build Rustboro city.

Pulling in-game all-nightersto get the slab of land down.

Finally after laying the slab of land the pathways went in. It was a choice between concrete slabs or Quartz blocks. After experimenting for a bit I decided to use Quartz blocks.

I chose End stone (Never Never Stone in 'strayan English) because it had a yellow tinge like in the Pokemon game and it, well it just looks appropriate.

Rustboro City gym where leader Roxanne battles with her Rock-type Pokemon. As with the gym in Petalburg city the rest of the gym is built underground at a 1:1 scale so one walking tile in the Pokemon game is one block in Minecraft.

Excavating underneath the gym. One minor issue was the gyms interior was 10 blocks wide in Minecraft but the in-game gym is 11 walking tiles wide. The solution was just to add another row of blocks in the excavated area.

The gym is underneath Rustboro City's pathways.

The interior of Rustboro City's gym as seen in Pokemon Ruby Version. (Trainers not included).

This is the staircase leading down into the gym's maze.

Various buildings all with detailed interior's and Exteriors.

Rustboro City at night. The streetlights are two single nether brick fences stacked on each other with beacons placed on top.

Rustboro City before forestation and the Devon Corporation.

The Devon Corporation.The great thing about the Devon Corporation is that the interior and exterior match each other exactly if the interior is at a 1:1 scale. This means that the interior can be as close to the Pokemon game as possible which is always a good thing.

It may not look exactly like the building you see in the Pokemon game but it's pretty close. Possibly, I might change it a bit in the future if there is a need.

Rustboro City with all the buildings before forestation.

Nether brick fences as they are the darkest fences available.

 Rustboro City with tree's and a coastline.
 Side view of Rustboro City with a partial coastline and the tree's that surround.

 The interior of the Devon Corporation. The building's exterior in Minecraft is deeper than the interior which means that full size staircases can be built into the back of the building.
 Second floor

Third floor. This floor is where the player is Pokemon receives their Pokenav.

That's all the progress so far.
In the next part I will cover Route 105 and Route 106
Stay tuned.

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated.

One thing I am doing for improvement in the next post is re-sizing the screenshots before uploading in an effort to decrease yours and my bandwidth usage because Blogger will show resized versions of full sized images which is great for high-density displays but it makes the web-page quite slow and sluggish.

I will try to find a simple trick to instantly place a large amount of blocks. If you have a suggestion or would like to share your ideas don't hesitate to comment.

Thanks for reading.

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